Bible Journal

I had created a Bible Verse Mapping worksheet for a women’s bible study group I have. I loved the little sheet so much I decided to modify it a little and create this Bible Journal. It’s available on Amazon.

I included a lot of cool elements to help someone really dig deeper into God’s word.

The Bible Journal Challenge:

  • Set aside 15-30 minutes each day for your Bible Journaling (It’s ok if you miss some days, just keep going.)
  • First PRAY – invite God to meet you where you’re at and illuminate His word and to speak to you.
  • Next REFLECT – take a moment to reflect – note how you feel today, what’s ahead of you for today and a few things you are grateful for.
  • Next READ – Pick a book in the bible and plan to read that whole book over the next several days/weeks.
    • If you don’t know where to start, I suggest the gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke or John… Or Paul’s Letters: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians or Colossians.
    • Read a chunk of scripture each day. It doesn’t have to be a whole chapter, but maybe from one bold heading to the next.
  • Next NOTE – Note what book/chapter/verses you read that day and note a verse that stuck out to you.
    • Pull out at least 1-3 key words. Look up the definition of those words. This can be as “Hey, Google what does ___ mean?” Or use the internet.
    • Use a bible, bible app or the internet to note the same verse in different translations of the bible. Remember Message and Passion translations are paraphrases.
    • Note the who, what, where, when of the verse. Like who wrote it, when? Where was it written and for whom was it written to? This may be the same daily as you read through the same book.
  • Simultaneously IGNORE distractions. The devil does NOT want you to be reading the bible, he will majorly try to distract you. Use the bottom corner to note those things you think of… you can come back to them when you’re all done.
  • Next APPLY – How does this verse apply to you? What does this verse tell you about God? It’s ok if maybe the verse itself doesn’t have too much it showed you, you can reflect on the group of verses you read too.
  • Last PRAY – Note a prayer asking God to help you apply the passage you read today.

I designed this bible journal to help you navigate your bible time for a couple months this way. My hope is that it will help you create habits to approach scripture in a new way that ultimately brings you closer to God.

Get your copy of the Bible Journal today.