Your Oils Are on the Way

What happens next?

Once you place your starter kit order, you will receive a couple emails from doTERRA. One will be your receipt, and the other will be your enrollment completion notice which includes your member ID#. You will use that ID # for access to the doTERRA website. Take a second and make sure your login works! You can add your wish list items to a loyalty reward order for next month at anytime. I recommend doing this right away so you don’t forget which items you wanted in the future.

You have personal access to your doTERRA account. You can log in and order anytime – remember with your account you also receive wholesale pricing which is a 25% discount!

Okay – Your oil set is on the way, please promise me you won’t tackle your mail person to get the box from them! This is that level of exciting! I can’t wait for your to get your kit! This is a Big change, something new is coming your way!

These are the bonus features that come with starting doTERRA with me!

When you place your doTERRA order with me, I come with the order. You get me as your oil coach, I am here to teach you all about your oils!

  • You will receive an informative PDF e-book on how to use your top 10 oils.
  • We will connect you after your oil kit arrives and talk through a wellness plan to tackle whatever you’ve got going on in your life by using essential oils. We can come up with a plan for additional oils that you can put on your wish list, so that you know what to get when you are ready for additional oils.
  • You will be given access to the Loyalty Rewards Program that is in place for you to gain an additional 10%-30% off of your doTERRA oils. We want to help you maximize your rewards, and get any free products available to you. (Each month there is a new FREE Product of the Month and Promotional items also!)
  • We will connect you to our private Facebook group. This is a platform for questions and tips. It will be a great place for you to discuss using your oils, and a great place to learn what oil works for what.
  • Access to our “Oil Intro Course”.

Set Up Your Follow Up Oil Usage and Overview Appointment

Let’s set up a time to connect to put together your oil usage plan!

We will go through the doTERRA Live Guide during our call. Please come prepared with a list of ailments and issues you face in your home. We will use our appointment time to talk about how to use your oils to meet your goals. Also come prepared to take notes!

FDA REQUIRED DISCLAIMER – These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.