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How can you get oils into your home?

It is my hope, that if you are considering Essential Oils, you are really thinking “Big Picture” and really wanting to experience how oils are going to help you and your family long term. It’s my hope that you are seeking a wellness lifestyle! That you are desiring to be the healthiest version of yourself! These oils REALLY are AMAZING. Really the Kit is just the tip of the iceberg.

When you move forward with doTERRA essential oils from ME… I am going to make sure you know how to use them, that you find results with them, and most of all that you enjoy them and you are very happy with your investment! With a box of oils and a book, which comes with each set, you will be set to naturally tackle about 80% of things that could arise in your home!


Here are the Starter Kit options:

All kits include your membership for FREE ($35 value) and a welcome gift from me! I also include a free 60 minute consult to follow up to go over your health and wellness goals and set up a personalized usage plan.

The MetaPWR Starter Kit $179 – 150PV

I am down 25 lbs in 6 months. The last 2 of those months I added MetaPWR. I included intermittent fasting and basic exercise, but once I added MetaPWR I saw that my pants were getting looser and looser daily. It’s time to go shopping for all new clothes! I encourage anyone wanting to loose weight to try MetaPWR for 90 days! Of course pair it with better eating and exercise habits too!

The MetaPWR kit has all you need to kickstart your weight loss journey. The first set includes every product. By month 2 and 3 you will probably need more of the Advantage and Assist and then more of the oils based on which you run out of first. Did I mention it tastes great in water!! I do suggest pairing it with doTerra’s vitamins “Lifelong Vitality” too, especially if you aren’t taking supplements.

The Natural Solutions Kit for $450 – 345PV

The kit I wish I started with!!

The Natural SolutionsKit is the best way to kick start your natural solutions lifestyle. Start healing your body from the inside out and start healthy daily habits! This includes 14 of the top oils plus the supplements, personal care and a 10 hour diffuser!

This is the most popular starter kit! I didn’t start with this one, and I REALLY wished I had. You are saving $250 when you pick this kit!

The Aroma Essentials Kit for $155 – 110PV

Looking for good smells and eliminating FRAGRANCE!

The Aroma Essentials Kit includes your membership, an amazing collection of 10 oils in 5mL bottles and the LaLuz 10 hour diffuser.

This is a great set for replacing fake fragrances in your home, plus the added health benefits. There is about 85 drops in each bottle. This set includes your wholesale membership too. Giving you 25% off any future purchases.

The oils are Cheer, Wild Orange, OnGuard, Citrus Bloom, Serenity, Northern Escape®, doTERRA Breathe®, Peppermint, doTERRA Balance® and Adaptiv®(5 mL)

This is a great starter kit! It includes oils that are not available outside of this kit. You are also saving over $50 when you pick this kit!

The Home Essentials Kit for $270 – 235PV

This set is for someone who is having anxious and stressful thoughts. The oils are Lavender, Lemon,, Peppermint, doTERRA Breathe®, DigestZen®, doTERRA On Guard® Adaptiv, Copaiba, Balance and Deep Blue®(5 mL)

This is about 250 drops in each bottle. This set includes your wholesale membership too. Giving you 25% off any future purchases. Effective April 2022 this kit includes the La Luz diffuser, not the one pictured.

This is the set for when you want to stress less. This bundled set takes out Frankinsence, Oregano and Melaleuca and replaces it with Copaiba, Adaptiv and Balance – the perfect bundle of oils to help you chill out and still address all your wellness goals. Plus it’s discounted almost $70 below wholesale price too!

The Healthy Start Kit for $160 – 100PV

This Kit includes your membership, the top 10 oils and the Brevi diffuser.

You will get the top 10 essential oils in 5ml bottles. This is about 85 drops in each bottle.

The oils are Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, doTERRA Breathe®, DigestZen®, doTERRA On Guard® and Deep Blue® You also get your doTERRA membership too, giving you 25% off any future purchases.

This is a great option if you are trying to stay within a budget. This is basically a mini sampler top 10 kit – and it includes Frankincense too! Buying this kit is a great value! You are saving $25!

The Healthy Habits Kit $195 – 125PV

This is the perfect kit for starting a natural lifestyle. These supplements are amazing! This set includes everything you need to start a routine of daily healthy habits!

The Healthy Habits Enrollment Kit includes: Life Long Vitality, Pb Assist+, TerraZyme and Deep Blue Rub. It also has 5mL bottles of Frankincense, Lavender, Tangerine, doTERRA On Guard® and Balance®

Starting with Life Long Vitality is a Game Changer! These supplements are so amazing for mood, pain and inflammation just to name a few. You will discover quickly how awesome these vitamins and supplements are… and you’ll understand why Life Long Vitality is doTERRA’s #1 Product!

The Simple Solutions Kit for $105 – 70PV

The Simple Solutions Kit includes your membership, 3 of the best oils and a bottle of Deep Blue Rub.

The oils are 15ml of Lemon, doTERRA On Guard® and Serenity, plus the Deep Blue® Rub You also get your doTERRA membership too, giving you 25% off any future purchases.

This is a great way to get a few oils and set up your doTERRA account. You are saving $39 by starting with this kit! It’s also a great kit to customize and add a couple additional oils that are specific to your health needs.

NOTE: This kit is under 100pv and to qualify for Bonus Oil 100pv promotion – you would want to add additional items to reach the 100pv amount.

Membership – With No Starter Kit – $35

The above starter kits waive the $35 membership fee, and include additional savings BELOW wholesale pricing. While I highly recommend the investment in a starter kit, I understand that there could be someone out there who wants a few different items. If you spend over $150 the $35 fee can be waived.

If you would like to explore the doTERRA site and pick and choose what you want please start with setting up your wholesale membership then adding the items you want to your cart at the wholesale price.

Steps to Enroll:

  • Select the kit above that you would like to get started with by clicking the image or button.
  • Decide if you want the additional items suggested for your kit.
  • Select the “sign up now” option – you can also add or subtract from the cart on the 3rd step.
  • Next you will follow the prompts and enter in your information, make sure it lists me Kristi Creasey as your wellness advocate (or enter ID#6380541 if i’m not listed)
  • Click through the check out prompts and then you are all set!
  • The $3.99 shipping is usually pretty fast, or you can select an option to get it to you quicker. Your oils will be at your door before you know it!

Next AFTER Ordering Your Kit

First – So WAY Very excited for you! My goal is to empower you to be in charge of your health! To know that you have tools in your home that can be your first line of defense against ailments and issues that come up. BIG, FUN, AWESOME, WONDERFUL LIFE CHANGES ARE COMING YOUR WAY! Message me, or tag me on social @HiKristi when your kit arrives! We can do a happy dance!

Second – You and I will come up with your personalized oil usage plan. Set up a time for your Oil Usage and Overview Appointment, we will connect to put together your oil usage plan.

Third – Head over to my “Oils are on the way…” page to learn more about what’s to come.

Any Questions – Feel free to contact me!

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