New way of life

How are you doing? Like really … how are you? Are you doing well? Are you maybe not doing so well?

Has something been tugging at your heart to make some big changes in your life. Do you feel it? Something new and wonderful is coming in your next season. It’s time to step forward, and say hello to a new cycle of wellness. Are you ready for this next season?

I hope so! Let me introduce you to doTERRA! These little bottles have made the world of difference for my family. I am so excited to get to be the person to help you learn how much doTERRA can impact your life! I can’t wait to support you on this adventure!

Think about this: What is “wellness”? What is the standard you hold up as the “wellness” standard? Is there room to feel better, and experience a higher level of “wellness”? What would physical, emotional, spiritual and financial wellness look and feel like?

Are you living as the best version of yourself? How far are you from the YOU that you know you could be? What do you want to feel more of… or less of? What are you ready to take care of? Are you dealing with discomfort? What about anxious feelings or sadness? Are you always under the weather?

Modern solutions from the drug store on the corner are bandaids to cover up and numb only symptoms, and we never really fix the root cause. Often the solutions we take are synthetic and come with side effects too.

Say NO to the cycle!

Be empowered with natural solutions to be a solutions provider! With this new way of life, this wellness lifestyle, we are looking back to nature for improvement and symptom support! This wellness lifestyle gives you the opportunity to turn first to using something natural to help with the ailments and things you face.

Wellness Lifestyle

The goal is to look at the WHOLE you – the word floating around for this is “holistic”.

We raise questions like these:

  • How is my diet? How is my gut health?
  • Is my body hurting? Am I moving enough?
  • How about my stress levels and sleep?
  • Am I exposing yourself to chemicals and toxins?
  • Am I being smart with my self care?
  • Is my doctor partnering with me to offer proactive solutions?

doTERRA introduced me to this new way of life where i’m discovering that I CAN feel better and that I CAN be a better version of myself. Through use of their essential oils and natural lifestyle products and lifestyle habits we have found deliverance from the cycle of discomfort we were in.

Why consider doTERRA essential oils?

First – what is an essential oil?

Essential Oils are volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants that can be used for health benefits. Essential oils interact with and even repair the cells in our body! They carry over the livelihood and organic chemistry from the plants into our system to help our cells reach homeostasis – physiological balance. This is only possible when all the body’s systems are functioning properly. Essential oils and lifestyle habits can support healthy coordination and operation of the body’s systems. 

Second – Why Doterra?

Essential Oils pop up everywhere, but doTERRA essential oils are the most tested and purest available. Because of doTERRA’s CTPG standard and commitment to purity they can be counted on for health benefits.

The poor FDA regulations on essential oils should make you leery of any essential oil bottle you find! The FDA rules allow any essential oil product to be labeled “Pure Essential Oil” as long as it is at least 10% of the actual “pure” oil. AND they do not have to disclose what additional ingredients are in there – like fillers and synthetics. If you asked “is it pure?” the answer actually is “yes” by the FDA standards. This means each individual company has the discretion to put whatever they want in there for the other 90%.

How do you know if there is something questionable in an oil bottle? If an oil’s label says “for aromatic use only” and it’s something you could consume typically, like a lemon, for example… That’s a HUGE red flag! There is something else in there! I could eat a whole lemon from my yard if I wanted to, it wouldn’t harm me.

doTERRA’s CPTG standard is their promise to all of us that doTERRA will always have every single drop as 100% pure oil. Their oils are tested over 40 times too. They even take it a step further and provide us the consumers 3rd party testing results! You can view these for each bottle! They are the ONLY company in the industry with this level of transparency – making the testing public because they have nothing to hide!

The other amazing difference is the way they source their oils. They call this co-impact sourcing. doTERRA skips over oil brokers, (Who a lot of the time alliterate oils for their own profits!) and work directly with the farmers. Each specific plant is grown only in the best locations for the plant – altitude, soil, climate etc. to produce a consistent plant with a consistent chemistry profile for consistent interaction with our bodies. doTERRA also pays farmers fairly and even gives back to the communities through their Healing Hands Foundation. In fact, because of their best practices, 90% of the farmers work exclusively with doTERRA. Meaning that 90% of doTERRA’s oils are literally like nothing else out there!

Third – WHY Not?

Maybe that’s a silly question… but what are you turning to now? Is “THAT” better for you than trying a natural solution for the same thing? Is getting relief from plants a bad thing? How serious are you about taking care of the ailments and issues you are struggling with daily?

Ready to Learn More about Doterra & Essential Oils?

It would be my pleasure to introduce you to doTERRA! Let me share with you how doTERRA is actually safer, cheaper and more effective than other options out there. Let’s connect!

Typically I do a quick 1-on-1 Oil Class over the phone, or video conference using the app ZOOM. Set up an appointment by clicking the button below. I can’t wait to talk doTERRA with you!

If you are local, in Southern California, and want to connect in person, or if you have a few others and want to connect as a group, please contact me and we can coordinate a time.

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