Raising kids who love Jesus

Children’s books that help build a Christian Foundation

So this page isn’t about oils… but that’s ok. I know as I build my oil community, God will connect me to like minded women who will find this page so helpful.

As a woman who loves Jesus and a mom of 3 girls, it is my prayer that my girls will have a heart for Jesus at a young age. When my oldest was a year or two, I decided to only buy Jesus centered books moving forward. These girls already LOVE Jesus and I am so thankful for all the books we brought into our home.

I’ve compiled a list of books below that have been a blessing to our family! So often I am asked by friends which book i’d recommend. I have so many we love in our home! Any of these could make great baby shower or early birthday gifts too.

In an earlier season I tried blogging about how I love these books, that season ended but the blog is still up and those still remain some of my favorites. I wrote a lot more about each of them back then. You can find those over at my whirlwind.life.

Just Great Books Every Toddler Should Have

Storybook Bibles

Other Amazing Favorites

I will circle back to this list and add more, especially for the early reader age. I hope this list is helpful. Let me know what you think of any of the ones you get! Feel free to share this page with others too!

*This page does include affiliate links. If you buy from Amazon after clicking a link, they are awesome and throw a small percentage of the sale our way. It doesn’t change the cost for you, but gives us a kick back for referring you. This money gets thrown into our family budget, and probably goes to buying these kiddos something like shoes.