My Oil Story

How I fell in Love with Essential Oils

I started as a casual user of Essential Oils. When I was first pregnant I had a NEED to combat seasonal allergies naturally. I was desperate, and lemon + lavender + peppermint was more than an amazing solution! Now we use Essential Oils in all sorts of ways for myself and my children. Magnolia, our 2nd daughter, had some terribly bad tummy and reflux issues… it was only because of doTERRA’s Digestion Blend that we made it through that first year. Now, we have uncovered that she has sensory issues, and I know that Frankincense and Balance, the grounding blend, are literally lifesavers for helping her episodes. 

As I learned more about specifically doTERRA and THEIR oils, I realized there was nothing out there as pure and effective! Then to take that a step further, they are so transparent and even make their 3rd party purity testing PUBLIC, for every single batch. They are the only company with this level of transparency. Believe me! You WANT to KNOW where your oils came from, how they were harvested and distilled… if not – your oil bottle could be filled with synthetic junk. doTERRA is just amazing. I’d love to connect and share more… that’s just one of the many reasons I chose doTERRA for my family.

But anyway… Now here I am… WAY in Love with doTERRA Essential Oils! The oils came in and gave me much needed relief in ways that Western Medicine couldn’t! And… there Literally is an OIL for EVERYTHING!

Changing our lifestyle

For us using doTERRA came easy. It fit right in! I didn’t know it at the start… but I quickly realized my life had room for the BIG, FUN, AWESOME, WONDERFUL LIFE CHANGES doTERRA was bringing into it! Each month on this journey to a better lifestyle has left us continually feeling like better versions of ourselves.

Eating Right

Our biggest change was in the way we ate. My husband made the choice to change the way we eat in our home several years ago. He’s now been eating “Primal” since 2012. This is a Paleo diet that allows dairy. He is really into it and even blogs about it over on Seriously we eat good food, check out his recipes… you don’t have to make the cricket bars, but everything else is delicious!

For me I had 3 babies in the same years he was slimming down and getting healthier. Once I got over my pregnancy sugar cravings and binges, I joined him in sticking to this diet and adding in exercise. Unfortunately pregnancy and poor choices then, left me a good 60lbs+ more than my 5’0″ body should weigh.


My exercise and weight loss journey started with watching Bikini Body Mommy videos on youtube. Adding in exercise was new for me honestly. After a few months I joined a local gym. I just committed to making it part of my life. In 2018 I was able to work at shaving off 1/2 of that weight! I am still working on my exercise goals, but i’m so excited about my progress! 

Rest and Stress Management

I feel like were a work in progress here! I have 3 kids under the age of 6. It’s crazy stressful and I have to work at being restful. I think the biggest element of stress management is the ability to forgive and extend grace. We’re all just doing our best. It’s the one who holds a grudge who suffers – I don’t want to be that guy… so in the words of Elsa “Let it Go!” Each individual also has to continually make the decision to fight for their rest. For me this looked like a new self care routine – started treating myself to monthly massages again. Then, I have made a routine of using Serenity oil and Serenity soft gels to help me wind down. I do have to be disciplined to use them earlier than midnight… but the work like a charm once I use them!

Reducing our Toxic Load

This was my area of “Huh?” Toxic Load? My first step was to buy the cleaner concentrate and try to clean with it. I loved it! Actually – I didn’t realize how much I was dealing with the stink of cleaners! Then I started to wonder – why did my old cleaners stink? That is a rabbit hole of having your eyes opened wide! Guys – “regular” products are full of junk ingredients that aren’t good for us! 

Each month we add something new in our wellness box! It took awhile to switch everything over, but now we use almost all the household and personal care products and LOVE them! I love that my products come to my door too! It’s so convenient and it keeps me out of Target as much – where Hatchimals and unneeded items make their way into my cart. Plus no one gives me as much money back in free product on the things I have to buy! 

Informed Self Care

I feel like this is the best part. Now, I have the tools in my home to help when anything pops up. Yes, your oils aren’t going to remove your appendix, but they sure can help you with 80% of things that pop up. The normal, everyday stuff – I have learned my oils work! I can turn to them! I really feel empowered to provide solutions in my home. Helping my husband and kids has become an easy task with these tools!

How can you learn more about doTERRA and Essential Oils?

I try to hold a few in-person classes in Southern California and online classes each month. Also I post my class info on my instagram accounts: @hiKristi.

If a class time doesn’t work out, we can connect over the phone, or video conference call too. If you have a friend or two interested in oils, lets meet up if you are local! I will bring my oils and we can connect at a coffee shop or somewhere easy. Contact me and we can plan something.

I’d love for you to join and see how essential oils may just be the exact thing you need in your home. If one of my class times/locations doesn’t work for you, maybe we can schedule something that does work for you!  Click below to set up a time for a 1-on-1 call that works for both of us.

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